Sunday, 24 May 2015

Plein Air Berlin / Brandenburg May 9th-19th - Altthymun - 2015

Another year has passed, and our crew, with a couple of extra members made our trip back to the Plein Air Berlin/Brandenburg Event 2015. This year the Event was extended to 10 days, which gave artists a chance to settle in, before the "wave of creativity" took over.
Irish Participants this year, were, Valery Syms Martin,Michael McGuire, George McHugh, Louise Tracey , David Goldenburg, Carla Goldenburg, and myself.Others participating were, Nikoli Kranis, Marko Fenske, Diether Munchgesang, Maike Josupeit,Sirkka Gonzalez,and Andreas Mattern

There's always a special atmosphere to this Event. Many people are involved in making it successful, from the Event Organizers, Marko Fenske, and Nickoli Kraneis, Mayor of Altthymun Manfred, and the lovely Angela and co. who provided such great support during the day, and fed us wonderfully from the  marvels of her Kitchen..

Altthymun, slows life right down to a snails pace. With a vegetarian diet, clean fresh air, and pristine countryside, it would be hard not to feel that a stay here is doing your body and soul good.
Working hard also, with locations to paint nearby, we had plenty of opportunity, to get our brushes wet, and work on our paintings.
The Event Culminated with an Exhibition of work at the nearby town Himmelpfort, followed by another lovely meal at a local venue.
Thanks again to George McHugh, who translated for us, and later helped us navigate Berlin ...Guest Adjudicater this year was Matthias Koeppel, Diether Munchgesang, and Marko Fenske.
I was delighted to win an award for best "Picturesque Quality" (roughly translated). Congratulations also to Louise Tracy , Maike Josupeit, David Goldenburg,Michael Mcguire, and Angela, who won awards also.
The embers burn on another successful year at Altthymun !

Monday, 4 May 2015

Being the best you can be....

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today.We were doing a spot of "spring cleaning " yesterday, and came across these..I didn't realize it was '96 when I fought in The European Full Contact Kickboxing Championships. My Brother Jim ,Wexford Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre , trained me from a goofy shy farmer, to stepping out in the Ring at European Level. I didn't win, but I did in another sense, by getting past my shyness, and feeling strong as a person....None of us know what we're truly capable of, if self doubt and insecurities can be pushed aside....I think our challenge is to be best person we can be , with the talents we have, whether we reach the "first round"..or become "champions"....