Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Creating and Exhibiting

There is something very vulnerable in creating a work to exhibit.
Existing within a  painting, are years of working on a skill, the presence of our creative  influences , and the artists own voice and direction. Creating marks of an inquiring mind in an effort to find the essence of a subject. For me those moments, when I can cast away insecurities and distractions, and can stand clear minded at my easel, I feel a direct communication with my subject, through the decisions I make on canvas . The finished piece is a visual diary, of the feelings I want to express, whether standing in nature, with the wind on my back, in awe of the beauty of the changing seasons, or searching to capture the light in a persons eyes,  the expression of their character translated through my hand. There is a vulnerability in a work. It stands with no obstacle to the viewer, as the artist stood to create it. A direct line of  communication from the  artist to the viewer, through the image ,and the feelings  expressed within  it.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Opening New doors

Life has a way of redirecting us. If we don't recognize the need to take another route, we risk getting stuck in a path that's not good for our personal growth. As an artist, I feel that freedom to express, and create are interlinked. If I'm restricted or my environment effects my ability to create, I feel I have lost my voice. In a way my creative flow is a good barometer of how free I feel to create and therefore express myself. 
In conversations, sometimes we talk just to create noise, to connect, or learn. We talk as we are passionate about our subject, and want to make a difference. Likewise in painting, we paint for different reasons, usually for me, it's spurred on by an emotional reaction to a subject, or an inquisitiveness and a means to understand .More recently I've become comfortable with creating just because I want to. There doesn't always have to be a reason,as in life, I don't think it's possible to understand everything that we do, and it can take years of reflecting a circumstance, to begin to understand. So perhaps creativity has a place in opening new doors of understanding, and seeing.
This is a new work of mine. Experimenting a little and opening new doors. Rod, and Randolph Jones are  good friends of ours. They need their own show on tv, as both have great minds and considered views on just about everything. These guys talk, as they know what their talking about :)